4x4 Pixels
What can you do with a grid of 4x4 pixels? Everything!
It has no special purpose and it started out as a challenge for myself.
There will be a new character every day until at least 100.
- an experimental pixel-art project by David Stoll


Pixelheroes 046 - Dr. Manhattan

From Alan Moores great Watchmen comic: Dr. Manhattan. I'll leave the darker pixel to your imagination.




Pixelheroes 036 - Marge Simpson

Another part of our favorite Springfield family: Marge Simpson. I really needed a 5th row of pixels for her hair! But this is 4x4...



Pixelheroes 031 - Phillip J. Fry

Futuramas delivery boy of world-fame. One of my favorite comic charaters.


Pixelheroes 029 - Stewie Griffin

Stewie works great as 4x4, his head is just iconic. More Family Guy to come soon!


Pixelheroes 028 - Wall-E

After Johnny Fives downfall there's only one cute robot left: Wall-E!



Pixelheroes 021 - The Long Tetris Block

Yes, it's a TRUE hero! You wait for HIM to finish your rows of Tetris madness...


Pixelheroes 015 - Kirby

One of the cutest video game characters. Kirby blows, flys and spits his way into your hearts!



Pixelheroes 009 - Chewbacca

That's an easy one. Our furred friend with more intelligent lines in Star Wars than C-3PO: Chewy.

Pixelheroes 008 - Sam Fisher

Solid Snake could kick Sam Fishers ass any time. Trust me on that one.

Pixelheroes 007 - Hello Kitty

More abomination than superhero, this kitten still has taken a lots of hearts by storm.

Pixelheroes 006 - Iron Man

It's Iron Man! One of my favorite superheroes, flying around in his awesome suit.

Pixelheroes 005 - Tigger

I thought Winnie Pooh was a bit alone, so i made his fellow out of 16pixels. In total.

Pixelheroes 004 - Sonic The Hedgehog

Because we know: Segas mascot Sonic was always better in 2D.