4x4 Pixels
What can you do with a grid of 4x4 pixels? Everything!
It has no special purpose and it started out as a challenge for myself.
There will be a new character every day until at least 100.
- an experimental pixel-art project by David Stoll


Pixelheroes 023 - Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson leaning on his skateboard. Eat my pixels.


  1. It'd be great if the posts on the homepage didn't have titles so that readers can try and guess who it is. Then you click the link to see the name...

  2. i had the request from a few people. problem is that it wasn't meant as a guessing game and most of the coming entries are already done.
    maybe ill make an iphone quiz app :)

  3. When you say 'coming entires', does that mean people can submit ideas?

  4. nope, sorry. coming entries means all the entries the will be coming in the future. i already did a lot in advance.